Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes what? Sometimes everything hurts. Not everyone is a fat bastard, and horribly out of shape like me. And it's not something I set out to be, but here I am. With an arthritic back, according to my doctor. Back pain is funny; not in the sense that pain is funny (usually, that's only when someone else takes a football to the nuts), but funny in that it extends so much further than just the back. You see, the lower back is a huge area - supports your whole upper body and all, and if there's a problem, like mine, well, it affects more than just a localized area. Because the pain and reduced movement limits you. And it fucks up your whole attitude. You'd like to be nice to everyone, but imagine your brain running at normal speed, and your body moving in slow motion. Think you'd get frustrated? The answer is yes. And because the pain isn't constant, like, say, a paper cut to a finger, you're not always aware that that is the problem. What a hoot, huh? So sometimes, if I am cranky, don't take it personally.

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