Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cell Phone Madness

So today, the cell phone in my pocket rings. This is a big event, since few people know the number. And of course, it's a call from out of state, nothing I recognize. Probably a drug deal, who knows, but I answer it, because I'm bored. Some teenage voice asks if Katie is there, and I say, no man, sorry, wrong number. There a beat of dead air, and then I'm offered, well, since I have you on the line, do you know any good movies to take a girl to, like a good comedy? Poor sucker couldn't have reached a worse candidate to ask. Since I stay home with the kids, that's all I see are kid flicks, big animated adventures and all. So I tell him, sorry man, all I know is kid flicks. And because the technology of cell phones are so great, for a second, I know he thinks he hears chick flicks, and his voice comes alive. But I tell him, no, kid flicks, cartoons and stuff, and I don't know what movies are even playing right now. We part ways. Later, of course, I think to tell him to look at all the movie commercials he sees, and if one looks bogus or gay or whatever to him, that's the one to go to. Because it's not about what he likes, its about what she likes. But it's too late, and hopefully, he's with Katie at some movie, and they're sharing popcorn, and everything, at least for the moment, is okay.

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Pranayama mama said...

that's sweet. i usually get calls from unknown men; i don't think they're looking for movie advice. i think my number is erroneously part of a radical terrorist group. they're going to capture some extremist and link myriad two-second calls to me.