Monday, November 26, 2007

Cookie madness!!!

I don't have my camera handy, but here's what the latest fortune cookie said -"Your luck is just not there. Attend to practical matters today." So the streak is born, or continues, or whatever. The cookies are out to get me. Why? Because I'm fat? It's not like I'm eating a lot of cookie brethren (although if the pasta and beer armies get together, I'm done). And if you think it's just paranoia, consider this - last Saturday night, the Steve Greene Trio is at the Little Theater. Along with Steve, Dave Arenius on Bass, there's me (Also Tina Albright, a really great vocalist, and a few other players) on guitar. At the end of the night, I go to get the tip jar and tally up what usually amounts to donuts for my kids the next day (at least with my share). As the jar tips sideways, the dollars fall out, the coins bounce on the table, and finally, out drops the remainder of a mostly eaten m&m cookie. Now, counting tips is never the highlight of the evening, since you're bound to be disappointed, but after this new low, I am convinced I have something to offend the cookie gods, and they are out for blood. What have I done? I don't know. I don't eat cookie dough ice cream (dulce de leche is so much better), I don't eat the cookies I put in the kid's school lunches, so what, what is it, what have I done?


Tracy Kroft said...

AHA!!!! You ARE who I thought you were. Or you were who I thought you are. Or something. You are the Cheatle (Chinchilla/Missing Beatle), just like I thought!

I don't think the Cookie Gods are after you. Maybe the Girl Scouts, though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's not that bad - could have been a rice cake in the tip jar. :)