Friday, April 18, 2008

biking luck

Last year, first ride of the season, I got about 200 yards from home and got a flat. Brand new tube in that tire. This year, on ride 2, out to Mendon Ponds, I got a flat. Brand new tube. Luckily, I had my cel phone with me, and called a pal to pick me up. I say luckily because I hadn't secured the air pump to the frame, which would have meant a 5 mile hike home. The rest of the day was spent getting a new tube, installing it, and securing the pump to the bike frame. Even funnier, the tube that was in there was one of those slime ones, the ones that are supposed to seal out little pinhole leaks so you can keep going. Well, I say don't believe the hype. And the downside, if I did have my pump with me, is I would have had to get the tube wet to find the hole, which would involve spitting and the hands, and I gather at some point I would have tasted that slime junk. Ugh. Back to regular tubes for me.

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Tracy Kroft said...

On a less slimy note, congratulations, you Downbeat Magazine winner! You're in good company . . . me! And, of course, other Rochester luminaries. ;-)