Wednesday, May 14, 2008

support the troops, not

If you think the government really cares about the troops, really cares about people, just really cares in general, read this letter - if the link doesn't work, the text is below:

SUPPORT THE TROOPS Many soldiers missing out on Bush's stimulus checks In August 2006 the 10th Mountain Division, 2nd BCT, 1-89 Cavalry was sent to Iraq for 12 months. In April 2007, the troops were told the Army was adding three additional months to their time in country. In November 2007 the troopers of 1-89 arrived back in New York from their tour. They are now being told by the IRS, via the IRS Web site, that they haven't earned enough money to qualify for the economic stimulus check. One would think, after the Walter Reed Hospital scandal and other abuses of our military, that the conservatives would have learned that our troops have earned more than the country can ever pay them and that military members should be included automatically in every stimulus event. Where is the support for the troops?
Jeff Stephan, Peyton

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