Monday, March 31, 2008

Any day now

I'll clear my lungs of the junk that sticks to the walls like rubber cement. It's always nice to cough unexpectedly and see a stalactite hanging off someplace. Maybe another week, maybe two, who knows. It's also nice to see no one commenting on the D&C blog, which leads me to believe that either the whole town is technologically illiterate, just doesn't care, a combination of both, or something else. Since the D&C holds the stats, I have no ideas on pageviews or hits or anything. Maybe today I'll add another post. On a brighter side, tomorrow should hit 60 degrees.


Tracy Kroft said...

I haven't commented on the D&C blog; I hardly have time to write my own right now. Had an interesting thing come up regarding my attempt to obtain a media pass for the RIJF at another blogger's suggestion. He got one last year along with the opportunity to interview several artists. I cannot say that I was that successful. Oh well.

uncle wally said...

I had press passes for a few years for the jazz fest. tell them you're freelancing for a local publication. might work.