Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweet! School is out and the kids are home!

If you're a parent like me that stays at home with the kids, you just rolled your eyes in disbelief. And yes, it was sarcastic. Why? Right now, the knuckleheads are watching Gidrah the Three Headed Monster, one is eating chicken nuggets, the other a hot dog. Oh, and they are fighting over something. Like they did earlier over chess. Three days off, then the weekend, enough to toss the sleep schedule out the window, and though they'll eat better, at least at lunchtime, that's a minor plus. The house will get messed up, as any efforts to inculcate them on the benefits of cleaning will go unheard, and with an increase in cartoon viewing, they'll both turn into little ninjas, which puts various and tender parts of my body at risk (sayonara to your sister, boys).

Another plus is the onslaught of xmas, which means more toy advertising, more displays, and good god, probably another local radio station playing christmas tunes 24-7. I am sure the baby jesus will be rolling over in his grave. Ahh, more fights downstairs, time to motor.

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Pranayama mama said...

Yes, the baby Jesus is rolling over in his empty grave. And Krishna's head is stuffed and mounted over the hunter's fireplace overseeing Santa fill the stockings.