Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The eyes have it . . .

The doc said the eyes are fine, just aging like a good wine, and making things close up hard to see. So reading glasses, or "cheaters" as he called them, are fine. What wasn't fine was the drive home - blinded by the available light, wearing two pairs of sunglasses, I inadvertantly, and slowly, by the way, went around a school bus at the top of the street. The mom was out talking with the driver, both in the driveway, no kids in sight. So I get hollered at, and when home, the phone call, with an over agitated neighbor saying she'd "blow me in, neighbor or not." I understand her point of view - what I did was wrong. But there's no way I can explain to her the current slew of medical problems, that the effect of penicillin on an empty stomach coupled with the disorientation of dilated pupils and the need to take a whiz in a hurry makes Homer do stupid things. It's too easy to say she's fucking nuts - which she is, given what I know of her, but in the end, she is, and if I really wanted to kill her kid yesterday, I would have driven the car across her driveway, through her garage, and into her family room, because that's where he probably was. Now leave me alone.

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