Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy new year - sobered up yet?

Hoo boy, wasn't 2007 fun? Personally, I'd give it a pass. Sure, there were moments, but overall, there's not too much of record I'd celebrate. For starters, the bathroom scale is telling me things I'd rather not hear. So this means exercise, and lots of it, which means aching joints and the locking up of an arthritic back, until enough weight is shed that it gets easier. But that won't be anytime soon, since I don't have those killer trainers you see on television prodding away at me. Mentally though, the recurring chant of "come on tubby," a nasty little dig, seems to get me motivated and moving. And aren't salads so refreshing and filling?

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Anonymous said...

Yo - do you want me to be your trainer. Let me know - we'll get it done.